Why Say MVR Evaporator Is Magical Energy-saving Equipment?

- Mar 21, 2018-

From the actual application of the analysis, MVR evaporator can be called a very useful energy-saving tool and then do, the equipment only needs a very small amount of steam, to greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises, reduce environmental pollution.


MVR evaporator has no waste heat steam discharge, energy saving effect is very significant Secondly, from the structure of the analysis, MVR evaporator, especially the use of compressors to provide heat, can effectively reduce the temperature difference, and can achieve mild evaporation, greatly improve product quality, reduce scaling.


In addition, during use, no condenser, structure and flow is very simple, fully automatic operation, can be continuous operation, safe and reliable. What is the benefit, for users, MVR evaporator internal configuration has CIP cleaning pipeline, so can be directly cleaned, the whole set of equipment easy to operate, no dead angle. The evaporator is the material at low temperature, and does not produce foam in the state of evaporation, the material is homogeneous, do not run materials, not easily coking.


Therefore, where single effect and multi-effect evaporator applicable to the material, are suitable for the use of the evaporator. In addition, from the technical aspects of the analysis, MVR evaporator has a very good environmental protection and energy-saving characteristics. In the MVR falling film evaporator, the liquid and steam downward flow liquid material is preheated to the boiling temperature by preheater, and the liquid distribution device at the top is formed into a uniform liquid film to enter the heating pipe and partially evaporate in the tube. Two times steam and concentrated liquid in the tube and flow down.


And the retention time of the liquid in the evaporator is short, which can adapt to the evaporation of the heat-sensitive solution. In general, MVR evaporator not only has good performance, but also has good heat transfer effect, energy-saving investment costs, to achieve efficient energy-saving production operations. So, MVR Evaporator is one of the most preferred steam converters