Three-effect Evaporation System, MVR Evaporator In The Shipping

- May 14, 2018-

The Three-effect evaporation system is a high-efficiency energy-saving concentration and crystallization device developed by our company. The device operates under vacuum and low temperature conditions, and has the characteristics of fast liquid material flow rate, rapid evaporation, and low fouling.


Application range:


Suitable for highly fouling liquids, high viscosity liquids, as a high concentrator in multi-effect evaporation devices.


TheThree-effect evaporation system is controlled by various effect heating chambers, evaporation crystallization chambers, condensers, circulation pumps, vacuum and drainage systems, gas-liquid separation chambers, secondary steam flash tanks, salt separators, operating platforms, instrumentation and electrical instrumentation. Cabinets and valves and piping systems and other components.


Three-effect evaporation system features:


1. The whole set of system has reasonable and beautiful design, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, low steam consumption, large concentration ratio, forced circulation type, so that the liquid with higher viscosity easily flows and evaporates, and the concentration time is short;

2. Special design by simple operation can achieve switching efficiency, to adapt to the production of different products;

3. The evaporation temperature is low, the heat is fully utilized, the material liquid is mildly heated, and it is suitable for the concentration of heat-sensitive materials;

4. Through forced circulation, the evaporator is heated evenly in the tube and the heat transfer coefficient is high, which can prevent the dry wall phenomenon;

5. The feed liquid enters the separator and then separates, which enhances the separation effect and makes the overall equipment more flexible;

6. The compact structure of the whole equipment, small floor space, and simple and smooth layout represent the development direction of large-scale complete sets of evaporation equipment;

7. Continuous feeding and discharging, liquid level and required concentration can realize automatic control


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