The Use And Structural Characteristics Of The Heating Vacuum Evaporator

- Mar 27, 2018-

The so-called heating vacuum evaporator is actually a kind of natural circulation evaporator which can be used in the vacuum state, including different specification types.


Under normal circumstances, the heating vacuum evaporator can not only evaporate aqueous solution, but also can be used to recover the solution evaporation of organic solvents, can be operated in a vacuum, can also operate under normal pressure.


The use of heating vacuum evaporator Analysis: From the current application of the analysis, in fact, a wide range of heating vacuum evaporator, mainly can be used in medicine, food, chemical, light industry, such as water or organic solvent solution evaporation concentration. Especially suitable for heat sensitive materials, such as water, alcohol extract, antibiotic hair alcohol liquid, milk, fruit juice, etc.


The evaporator can be continuously concentrated at low temperature under vacuum conditions to ensure product quality.


The heating vacuum evaporator has the following characteristics in structure:

1, in order to ensure that in the process of evaporation will not cause material pollution, so the heating vacuum evaporator in all and material contact parts are made of high-quality stainless steel. 2, in the process of evaporation, in order to further improve the separation effect of materials, the structure design of the heating vacuum evaporator adopts two-stage separation, trapping method: First, the vapor-liquid tangent into the evaporation tank using centrifugal force and sedimentation in the tank, the second is the top of the evaporator using High-performance Gas filter Filter Network layer, the third is to add impact type of liquid traps,


So as to prevent the material liquid is two times the loss of steam entrainment, even if the foam-prone liquid (such as the Chinese Medicine containing saponins) can also achieve satisfactory separation effect. 3, this heating vacuum evaporator is not only easy to operate, high efficiency, but also very easy to clean. It is thought that the inner heater has a quick open top cover. The annular spray cleaning pipe is arranged in the upper part of the Gas filter filter net in the evaporator of the heating vacuum evaporator.

And a human hole is arranged on the evaporation tank to clean the tank wall.