Reliable Lubrication Is The Key To Improving The Service Life Of Gears

- Jan 17, 2018-

Dryers have belt drying, drum drying, box drying, tower drying, and several other modes; heat source of coal, electricity, gas, etc .; drying materials in the process of hot air flow and radiation , Hot air drum drying is the hot air flow from the tail forward movement, full contact with the material, through heat conduction, convection, radiation heat transfer take full advantage of the heat directly to the material, the material in the cylinder water is continuously evaporated, feed Mouth of the wind device will be a lot of water, moisture flow out, to prevent the dust pollution caused by the secondary pollution; by spiral mixing, sweeping, copy board, to promote material movement, the completion of the drying process; counter-current desiccant, Avoid reducing the repetitive drying process.

1, dryer noise causes: non-uniform placement of the workpiece; dry installation unstable; bearing oil or damaged; bearing block loose bolts;

Solution: Shut down and place the workpiece evenly; re-install the smooth dryer; to re-solid shaft bearing bolts; replace the drum dryer bearings;

2, the two wheels repeatedly force larger. This phenomenon should check the contact between the support roller and the support roller. The same group of wheels are not parallel or two support wheel and cylinder axis line connection is not vertical, will cause the wheel force is too large, but also can cause the wheel is not normal wear and tear.

Solution: This phenomenon is often the installation of low precision or loose bolts, wheel at work off the correct position. As long as the recovery wheel to the correct position, this phenomenon can disappear.

3, the size of the gear sent an abnormal sound.

Solution: some time should check the size of the gear meshing gap, adjust the appropriate to return to normal, serious wear and tear of the pinion should be promptly replaced. Gear cover seal well, to prevent dust from entering, adequate lubrication, lubrication is the key to improving the service life of gear, gear cover should be added thick gear oil or black oil.

4, the discharge of materials containing water is too low. At this time should reduce the amount of fuel used or at the same time increase the amount of feeding.

Solution: This operation should be gradually adjusted to the appropriate state, a substantial adjustment will result in moisture content of the discharge fluctuated, failing to meet product quality requirements.

5, one-time drying dryer raw materials do not produce reasons: the dryer is too small; wind net pressure, flow calculation error; improper use of the dryer;