Operation Characteristics Of Modular Wastewater Treatment System

- Mar 16, 2018-

The general modular wastewater treatment system can maintain safe and efficient operation when the wastewater ph value is 6.5-7 and the temperature is about 32 degrees Celsius. In the process of operation, high organic degradation rate can be achieved, and the modular wastewater treatment system has high impact load and strong anti toxicity.


In the use of the process, the consumption of a small amount of pharmaceutical, power consumption, low operating degree.


In comparison, the modular wastewater treatment system is highly automated, its stable and reliable operation, small maintenance, can save land area, has been widely used in beverage manufacturing, wine industry, chemical industry, slaughter, dairy industry and other fields of high concentration of production wastewater treatment.


The main technical features of the modular wastewater treatment system can be summarized as follows:


1. The Modular Wastewater treatment system uses a special fixed-bed biofilm block structure to improve the performance of the reactor;


2. After being put into use, the modular wastewater treatment system can obviously improve the degradation rate of organic pollutants and discharge the effluent to the standard.


3. During the operation of the modular wastewater treatment system, the resistance to impact load and the ability to resist toxicity are strong, and its structure is compact, saving two sinks and small footprint;


4, modular wastewater treatment system of high automatic control, for users, not only the day-to-day operation is very simple, and maintenance and repair are very simple. The system can be directly used as a two-stage treatment for low concentration organic wastewater, and also as a follow-up treatment system for anaerobic biological treatment, so as to discharge the effluent standard. The modular wastewater treatment system has wide application prospect and development space.