Improve The Professional Quality Of Workers And Production Operations Skills

- Jan 17, 2018-

Stainless steel electric heating reactor is a chemical reaction vessel, used in the production of raw materials, intermediates and even the product itself is flammable, explosive, corrosive substances, so the need to use in the fire problem. Stainless steel electric heating reactor how fire? Here to specifically introduce the stainless steel reactor fire prevention methods.

  The main reason why fire prevention design of the reactor is good, equipment leakage and other causes of fire often originate in the design stage, so it is very important to do a good job in the fire prevention work during the design stage. The first is the reactor design, selection, material selection, layout and installation should be consistent with national norms and standards. Strictly design a good, according to the characteristics of different processes, the selection of the corresponding high temperature or low temperature, corrosion-resistant to meet the pressure requirements of the material, the use of advanced technology to manufacture and install, do a rigorous fire audit, and through strict Test and acceptance.

 Fire action to implement the precautionary measures, 1, remove the demolition. Where possible, remove the equipment, pipes and their attachments that can be removed and removed from the main body in the fire-extinguishing area, move them to a safe place and then put them back into motion Original place. 2, isolated cover. Fire-fighting equipment, pipelines and their accessories and related operating systems for effective isolation, such as in the pipeline plug the blind plate, head or remove a pipe and other means to isolate flammable materials and media Gas into the hot work point. 3, clean up the scene. Before moving to clean up the scene, this is the most basic requirements. Before the fire, the inflammable and explosive materials around the fire place should be transferred to a safe place and the site should be cleaned. 4, check to confirm. After preparing the relevant work, we must check and confirm that this pass is very important. After the inspection confirmed that the issue of "hot work safety certificate", if you enter the reactor homework, but also issued a "safety equipment certificate", the implementation of custodial responsibility.

Strengthen the safety training, the chemical production industry practitioners to be relatively stable, strengthen the workers' workmanship and operational discipline, develop and strictly enforce the operating procedures. Improve the professional quality of workers and production operations skills. Make emergency plans for accidents and conduct drills to improve the resilience of employees under accidental conditions.

  Set fire safety devices, common in the production of widely used and achieved good results are: (1) fire retardant equipment. It includes safety seal, water seal, flame arrester, one-way valve, fire damper and the like. Its function is to prevent the flame from entering the reactor equipment, pipes or preventing the flame from expanding. (2) Explosion pressure relief equipment. Including safety valve, rupture disk (rupture disk), vent pipe, etc., installed in pressure vessels, pipes and other production equipment, play the role of anti-explosion pressure. (3) Mars quench. Installed on the Mars equipment and devices to prevent Mars from flying out ignite combustibles. (4) automatic detector. Used to detect combustible gas concentration, temperature.