Equipment Can Be Intermittent Operation, But Also Continuous Operation

- Jan 17, 2018-

The vacuum crystallization apparatus adiabatically evaporates the hot, saturated solution under vacuum, causing the solution to be supersaturated and crystallized. The device can be intermittent operation, but also continuous operation. Vapor jet pumps are commonly used to create and maintain a vacuum. Can reach very low temperature, and can get a lot of crystals. Vacuum crystallization equipment has special advantages, but there are also some disadvantages.

The advantages are: (1) simple structure, no moving parts, can be made of corrosion-resistant materials or lining; (2) evaporation and cooling at the same time, large capacity; (3) solution was adiabatic evaporation and cooling, ; (4) easy to adjust the operation control

Crystallization equipment is the mechanical equipment must be used by many modern productive enterprises. Especially in the chemical industry, both the production process and the waste liquid treatment and crystallization equipment have a great effect. They can help enterprises to create objective profits without going through the process. cut costs.