Ensure That The Equipment Is Well Ventilated

- Jan 17, 2018-

the autoclave should be placed indoors. When equipped with multiple autoclaves, should be placed separately. Each operating room should have direct access to the outdoor or passage outlets, should ensure that the equipment Ventilation well.

when installed in the autoclave, should prevent the autoclave between the sealing surface bump each other. The kettle cover according to a fixed position carefully on the kettle body, tighten the main nut, you must press diagonally, symmetrically divided into several step by step tighten. Forced to uniform, do not allow the kettle cover to tilt to one side, in order to achieve a good sealing effect.

the positive and negative nut joints, only allowed to rotate the positive and negative nuts, the two arc seal surface may not be relatively swirling, all nut thread coupling assembly, should be coated with oil.

needle-type valve line seal, just gently turn the valve needle, seal the surface, you can achieve good sealing effect.

with the hands of the autoclave revolving body, check whether the operation is flexible.

the controller should be flat on the console, the working environment temperature is 10-40 ℃, relative humidity less than 85%, the surrounding medium does not contain conductive dust and corrosive gases.

Check the front panel and the movable parts and fixed contacts are normal, remove the cover, check the connector is loose, whether due to improper transport and storage caused by damage or corrosion.

the controller should be grounded.

connect all the wires, including the power cord, the controller and kettle electric furnace line, motor and temperature sensors and tachometer wire.

the panel "power" air switch on the total, digital display should be displayed.

Set various parameters on the digital display (such as upper alarm temperature, working temperature, etc.) Then, press the "heating" switch, the electric furnace connected, and the "heating" switch on the indicator light. Adjust the "pressure regulator" knob, you can adjust the electric furnace heating power.

press the "stirring" switch, stir the motor power, while the "stir" switch on the light, slowly spin "speed" knob, the motor slowly turning to observe whether the motor is forward, error-free, hang up Belt, then restart.

after the operation, you can naturally cool, water cooling or placed on the rack air-cooled. After the temperature drop, release the pressurized gas in the autoclave to reduce the pressure to normal pressure (the pressure gauge displays zero), then loosen the symmetrical main nut evenly, remove the main nut, carefully remove the autoclave lid and place On the bracket.

each operation is completed, the kettle body should be cleared, kettle coverings on the residue. The main sealing port should be cleaned frequently and kept clean, not allowed to wipe with hard objects or surface roughness.