Easy To Make, Disassembly Convenient, Easy To Adjust

- Jan 17, 2018-

Junction for crystallization operation equipment. There are many types of molds. According to the method of obtaining supersaturated solution, evaporating crystallizer and cooling crystallizer can be divided according to the method of flow. The circulating crystallizer can be divided by the mother liquor circulation mold and the crystal slurry (that is, mixture of mother liquor and crystal) Way can be divided into continuous crystallizer and batch crystallizer.

A trough-shaped container provided with a jacket or a tube containing a coil for heating or cooling the solution in the tank. Crystallization tank can be used as evaporation crystallizer or cooling crystallizer. In order to increase the intensity of crystal production, a stirrer can be added in the tank. Crystallization tank can be used for continuous operation or intermittent operation. Intermittent operation of the larger crystals, but crystals easily linked into clusters, entrained mother liquor, affecting product purity. This crystallizer has a simple structure and low production intensity, and is suitable for the production of small quantities of products (such as chemical reagents and biochemical reagents).

Mold heat transfer is the key to control the yield and quality of slab, while the gap between the shell and the mold wall, although the size is small, but the thermal resistance can account for the entire thermal resistance of 80% Therefore, both the quality and output today, the mold taper design and manufacturing level will become more and more for the producer.

According to different production needs, for the design and manufacture of equipment have different requirements, the design should consider the basic requirements:

  (1) has a good thermal conductivity, so that rapid cooling of molten steel forming.

  (2) good wear resistance, to extend the life of the mold, reducing maintenance workload and time to replace the mold.

  (3) Satisfied stiffness, especially in the chilling heat, the temperature gradient in the case of a small deformation.

  (4) The layout is simple, compact, easy to make, disassembly and assembly easy, easy to adjust, the cooling water can be connected to facilitate rapid replacement; weight is small, to reduce the inertia force of the mold vibration and reduce the driving power of vibration equipment , And make the mold vibrate smoothly.