Easy To Clean, Corrosion-resistant, Long Service Life

- Jan 17, 2018-

Fermenters have a long history and quality speaks in fact

Fermentation tank has the advantages of small floor area, high degree of automation, large production capacity, easy monitoring and control, etc. The material can be cooked, sterilized, cooled in the tank, inoculated in the tank, sprayed and humidified in the tank, , Temperature and humidity test display and automatic control, automatic access to materials, etc., the material inside the tank tumbling edge steam sterilization, sterilization thoroughly clean; through the intake control of fermentation temperature and humidity, low cost and high efficiency.

Fermentation tank using microcomputer distributed control system to change the status of the solid fermentation production automation is not high, the optimization of intelligent solid-state fermentation process control for the solid-state fermentation to create the scale of production, the device is in the latest domestic level, widely used in bacterial protein, Red yeast rice, cellulase, amylase, ethanol, vinegar song, soy sauce, biopharmaceuticals (including biological pesticides), biological fertilizers and biological feed and many other aspects. Before cleaning the fermenter, isolation measures must also be taken on the pipeline and the electrical connections.

When cleaning the fermentor, staff must wear appropriate protective equipment to protect the safety of cleaning personnel, cleaning some of the more dangerous in the fermenter, you must first check all the components, are normal before they can be cleaned, cleaned , Be sure to repeat the second-hand stainless steel storage tank water, as much as possible to the remaining second-hand stainless steel storage tank after pumping out the contents of the cleaning work. Fermenter in the cleaning process, once found any anomalies, should immediately stop cleaning work, to ensure safety.

Microbial feed fermentation refers to the use of microorganisms, under appropriate conditions, the raw material through a specific metabolic pathway into the process of human needs, microbial fermentation production level depends mainly on the genetic characteristics of their own strains and culture conditions. Fermenter LCD touch screen interface, PLC controller. The temperature, stirring speed, PH value, DO value, defoaming, multi-feed, acid, alkali, pressure, ventilation and other parameters of real-time measurement and automatic control, with digital settings, fast calibration, And print, password management. And equipped with communication interface, you can connect with the host computer.

Fermentor tank and pipeline in place sterilization, safe and reliable, second gear turbo disc mixer (flat leaf / oblique leaf / curved leaf), height adjustable, with the use of baffles, so that the liquid mixture more evenly, Is conducive to the dispersion of gas and oxygen absorption. Fermenter with high-quality stainless steel tank, no dead ends, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, long service life. Unique mixing method, high mechanical transmission efficiency, low power consumption.