MVR Industrial Wastewater Evaporator

MVR industrial wastewater evaporator introduction MVR wastewater evaporator is a new kind of evaporator which may reuse secondary steam (after compression after compression) produced by the evaporator after compression. You only need to start up the equipment and heat the material to evaporation...

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MVR industrial wastewater evaporator introduction

MVR wastewater evaporator is a new kind of evaporator which may reuse secondary steam (after compression after compression) produced by the evaporator after compression. You only need to start up the equipment and heat the material to evaporation temperature. Almost no external energy source is needed for normal operation. This is a new kind of technology which requires the least energy in the field of evaporation and concentration. Since 1960s, Germany and France have begun to apply this technology in chemical, pharmaceutical, paper-making, sewage treatment, seawater desalination and other industries.

The MVR evaporator starts and heats by steam or electric heating device and it is automatic controlled by PLC, besides, it can start and stop at any time with high automationally degree. 


Technical parameter of MVR

1) It needs 45-7o degrees of electricity to evaporate one ton of water without any other energy 

2) It can evaporate at 40 degrees


MVR evaporator application industry

1, treatment of industrial wastewater (environmental protection)

It focus on concentrating industrial wastewater and recycling of water which caused electroplating industry, paint production industry, pharmaceutical and pesticide industry, metal processing industry, paper industry and crude oil production industry and other sewage treatment. Removing organic and inorganic salts from the effluent to turn waste into treasure. How to solve the problem of high-salt industrial wastewater reuse is a well-known problem. MVR evaporator is the best solution to deal with this kind of  industrial wastewater.

2, chemical industry

Production of hollow fiber molecules, treatment of water, purification of spices, production of chemical raw materials such as sodium chlorite and sodium persulfate, desalination of seawater, concentration and crystallization of organic additives, refining of the extract, analysing the reaction product into a solvent and a product .

3, the pharmaceutical industry

 Pharmaceutical industry is a traditional industry in China, the use of a large number of aging, old evaporator not only reduces the quality of drugs, but also cause a lot of waste of energy, which make upgrade to reduce carbon dioxide emissions a urgent need. MVR is also used to produce western medicine for the evaporation, concentration, crystallization and drying of Chinese medicine.

4, the food industry

Evaporation technology is widely used In the food processing industry to achieve the function of dehydration, which includes concentrated corn steep liquor and extraction of glucose, amino acids and so on. It is also used for the extraction of isopropanol from pectin, extraction and concentration of aromatics, fractionation of food and fermented fragrances, refining of solvents

5, wine industry

Wine industry is an ancient industry in China. MVR evaporator can replace the old distillation equipment.

6, the milk industry

 The traditional evaporator is difficult to meet the requirement that are needed in milk industry such as highly clean, low temperature, high degree of automation and other characteristics so it has the opportunity to develop MVR evaporator.

7, the concentration of the beverage industry

Tomato sauce, peach pulp, apricot pulp, carrot pulp, apple pulp, kiwi pulp

In summary, MVR applications are widely used, so that the traditional multi-effect evaporator  can be replaced by MVR evaporator. Compared with traditional evaporator, MVR evaporator not only has a great advantage of energy saving and environmental protection, but also reduces operating costs, which is the best upgrading system of  traditional multi-effect evaporator. With the emphasis on environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction policies, MVR evaporator will replace the traditional evaporator, playing a great role in national environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction and sustainable development. At the same time, it will bring actual social and economic benefits to enterprises.



MVR evaporation project achievement


Name of Customers

Name of Projects

Processing capacity


Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., L td.

Cobalt sulfate evaporative crystallization

1 5 0 0 kg/h



Hebei Tangshan Baoxiang Chemical Product Co ., Ltd

Sodium sulfate solution

3 0 0 0 0 kg/h


Chongqing Ziguang Tianhua Methionine Co., Ltd.

Anhydrous sodium sulfate MVR

2 0 0 0 0 kg/h


Shandong Xingya Ne w Material Co. , Ltd.

Anhydrous sodium sulfate MVR

2 5 0 0 0 kg/h


Anhui Guoxing Biochemical Co., Ltd.

Evaporative crystallization of organic salt solution

5 0 0 0 kg/h


Jiangxi Long Life Bio-pharmaceutical Co., L td.

Salinity wastewater of high concentration solvent

3 0 0 0 kg/h


Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical Co., L td.

PG evaporative crystallization

3 2 0 0 kg/h


Hebei Shijiazhuang Jack hem

Sodium sulfate evaporative crystallization

2 0 0 0 0 kg/h


Liaocheng Luxi Polycarbonate Co. L td.

Sodium chloride evaporative crystallization

7 5 0 0 0 kg/h


Singapore ECO company

Dome s tic se wage treatment

5 0 0 0 kg/h


Singapore ECO company

Solvent recovery

4 0 0 0 kg/h


Malaysia waste liquid treatment center

Domestic garbage and waste liquid treatment

3 0 0 0 kg/h