With high temperature, corrosion-resistant, easy to use

- Jan 17, 2018-

Multi-functional reactor according to the material is divided into two kinds of stainless steel and carbon steel, the jacket, the inner cylinder for atmospheric pressure process, reasonable structure, durable, and has high temperature, corrosion resistance, easy to use and so on. Has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, food, scientific research and other industries, to complete the differentiation, polymerization, condensation and other processes, and organic dyes and intermediates, and many other reaction process equipment.

Stainless steel reactor from the pot, lid, stirrer, heating jacket, support and transmission, shaft seal device and other components. Pot, lid, mixer, shaft seal, etc. made of Icr18Ni9Ti stainless steel.

The pot body and the lid are connected by a flange seal, the lower part of the pot body is provided with a discharging hole, a stirrer is arranged in the pot, a feeding material is arranged on the pot cover, observation is stirred, temperature measurement and pressure measurement, steam extraction fractionation, .

The top of the lid is welded on the bracket, the reducer and the motor are arranged on the lid, and the agitator is driven by the transmission shaft. The shaft sealing device is arranged on the top of the lid.

On the heating jacket into the open, oil discharge (steam) temperature, vent steam valve, electric rods and other takeover hole.