Widely used to cultivate aerobic microorganisms

- Jan 17, 2018-

Solid fermentation tank is widely used in dairy products, beverages, bio-engineering, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and other industries, tank with sandwich, insulation, heating, cooling, insulation. Solid fermenter tank with filling head (or conical) are used Spinning R angle processing, tank wall by mirror polishing, no health corner, and fully enclosed design to ensure that the material is always a pollution-free state of mixing, fermentation , Solid fermentation tank equipped with air breathing hole, CIP cleaning nozzle, manhole and other devices.

Solid fermenter inoculation of microorganisms on the surface of solid media growth and reproduction of the method, said the solid culture method. It is a kind of surface culture. Widely used to cultivate aerobic microorganisms. For example, agar slant cultures for microscopic morphological observation or preservation, plate culture for plate separation or viable cell counts belong to the solid surface culture method. Solid fermenter with the method of oxygen microbes, the following characteristics:

First, most of the cells grow and multiply over and over, so cells that are in direct contact with the medium will grow differently on this cell.

Second, from the point of view of nutrient intake, the cells that grow on top are nourished by being close to the pores between the cells;

Thirdly, from the aspect of oxygen supply, an oxygen-deficient environment is gradually formed from the outside to the inside.

Therefore, it can be considered that the growth environment between each cell is not necessarily the same. In order to improve the cultivation efficiency, the method of increasing the surface area is adopted. Laboratory tube generally used bevel, Petri dishes, flask, Kleenex and other training, the factory mostly use curved plate, curtain and ventilation Qu pool, especially in the cultivation of mold, is still using solid culture method of song. As the selection of agricultural and sideline products such as bran as raw materials, low prices, the particle surface area, loose ventilation, easy access to a large number of raw materials, therefore, the wine industry is very common.Solid state fermentation from the traditional native solid state fermentation to solid state fermentation tank fermentation, there are more new forms of solid state fermentation, such as continuous plate solid state fermentation.