What is the performance characteristic of the scraper-type thin film evaporator?

- Mar 20, 2018-

Scraper-type thin film evaporator belongs to a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving evaporator. In comparison, the scraper-type thin film evaporator has the advantages of large heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation intensity, short overcurrent time and large operation elasticity.


And especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials, high viscosity materials and easy crystallization of granular materials such as evaporation, desorption, distillation and purification.


Because of this, scraper thin film evaporator has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and fine chemicals and other fields. In general, scraper thin film evaporator in the practical application has a lot of unique advantages, these advantages are conventional film evaporator can not be compared to: 1, in practical applications, scraper thin film evaporator pressure loss is very small.


This is because in the evaporator, the material "flow" and two times Steam "flow" is two separate "channels": the material is under the evaporation tube body wall (force into film) falling film, and the evaporation surface of two steam emitted from the tube in the middle of the space almost unimpeded from the evaporator, so the pressure loss (or resistance drop) is very small. 2, in the actual operation, the scraper-type film evaporator really realized in the vacuum conditions of evaporation operation. In fact, because of its two times steam from the evaporation surface to the condenser of the minimum resistance, so that the entire evaporator wall evaporation surface to maintain a high degree of vacuum, almost equal to the vacuum system outlet vacuum.


Because of the increase of vacuum, the boiling point of the processed materials is reduced effectively. 3, Scraper-type film evaporator not only has a high heat transfer coefficient, can achieve rapid evaporation, at the same time it can be under low temperature conditions evaporation. Scraper-type film evaporator also has a strong adaptability, easy to operate and other advantages.