What is the MVR evaporator、its structure and technical features.

- Jan 29, 2018-

One of the evaporators is MVR evaporator. It is a common kind of evaporator, and it is widely applied in some fields or industries. Therefore, based on these two points, it is necessary to understand. So, we can learn it as soon as possible. Through this work, we can increase the professional knowledge about evaporators.

MVR evaporator, what is it? The answer to this question is:

MVR evaporator is a highly efficient and energy saving evaporation equipment, is uses the advanced evaporation technology instead of the traditional evaporator, so it is a upgrading product instead of the traditional evaporator. The scope of its application is mainly as follows:

Application 1: evaporation concentration;

Application 2: evaporation crystallization;

Application 3: low temperature evaporation;

Application 4: evaporation temperature is 17 ℃ - 40 ℃ at low temperature evaporation, and there is no need to use the frozen water system. 

The structure and characteristics of MVR evaporators.

Compare MVR evaporator with the ordinary single effect or multi effect falling film evaporator, they are obviously different. because  MVR evaporator is a single evaporator, setting the multi effect falling film evaporator in the whole body, and it uses the section evaporate according to the required concentration of the product. By repeated evaporation to achieve the desired concentration.

Inside the evaporator, there are some tubes. Moreover, inside the tube is the evaporating liquid, and outside the tube is the steam. When the liquid flows from the top to the bottom, like a film flow, which can effectively increase the heating area, and through the negative pressure to reduce the boiling point of water, so as to achieve the purpose of concentration. And the evaporation temperature of the product is about 60 centigrade. The condensate water produced by it is reused through the separator to avoid wasting.


2.The technical characteristics of the MVR evaporator

The energy consumption and cost of the evaporators are low, and the area of the evaporator is small. In addition, the smooth and automatic operation can be realized in operation. So, it has a high degree of automation. In the process, the operation is simple and practical, no primary steam is needed. If the evaporate is below 40 centigrade, there’s no need of refrigeration equipments, therefore, it’s very suitable for evaporation and concentration of heat sensitive materials.