What is a rake dryer? What are the characteristics? What should you pay attention to when you operate?

- Mar 08, 2018-

About Harrow Dryer, refers to the traditional vacuum Harrow dryer technology based on different types of slurry, paste, granular, powdered, fibrous and other materials to strengthen, improved design, for its transmission part will be the work of stable, durable cylindrical gear reducer, The active shaft is made of a thick solid shaft, which can fully guarantee the vacuum rake dryer to operate stably under all kinds of bad working conditions.

When it comes to the characteristics of the rake dryer, it is relatively simple in the structure of the equipment, the area is relatively small, in the operation of the time is relatively simple, the practical application of a wide range; next about the rake dryer equipment failure rate is very low, especially easy to make the material fully automatic control.


Rake dryer in the operation of the attention, 1th, in the heating or cooling, the need for slow, in terms of users, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to the situation must be taken according to the appropriate or cooling rate. When the device is running, it should be sampled in accordance with standard procedure, and should be rebooted after the sample is closed.


Rake dryer rolling bearing of the selection of MOS2 composite base grease (Zfg-ie) The highest temperature is to be at 150 degrees, at least once a month should be checked once, found grease dry, should also pay attention to timely replacement of new grease The maintenance of the cylindrical gear reducer should be in accordance with the requirements of its instructions to use; For the filter in the tank after each dry one need to clean up the adsorbed powder, keep the filtration smooth.


The mechanical seals or packing seals between the spindle and the tank of the rake dryer should be inspected regularly. When the leakage condition is found, it should be repaired immediately or replaced, and the rake dryer equipment should be checked and repaired after six months to a year, and the repair time should not change its original assembly method and the tolerance requirement, and the corresponding lubricating oil should be added according to the regulations.