What are the outstanding features of the OSLO cooling crystallizer design?

- Mar 17, 2018-

From the analysis of the design of the OSLO cooling crystallizer, we can find some of the more prominent features. First, the bottom of the crystal-cultivation device is a circular-arc type design, so that the flow state of the liquid material in the crystal-cultivation device is improved, and a dead zone is not formed. Secondly, the enlarged upper section of the crystal grower in the OSLO cooling crystallizer contributes to the settlement of the salt crystals, does not participate in the cycle, and reduces the chance of secondary nucleation.


In addition, the feed liquid is mainly entered by the lower portion of the evaporation chamber of the OSLO cooling crystallizer and discharged from the upper central tube. This design has the advantage of reducing short-circuit temperature loss. At the same time, the process of the rising of the liquid in the evaporation chamber also has a process of dissolving the particles, and the liquid becomes saturated from the unsaturated, which can reduce the number of fine crystals, thereby ensuring the granularity of the salt.


When OSLO cooling crystallizer structure design is performed, the corresponding mother liquid discharge pipe is particularly provided on the taper of the crystal growth device. This not only can arrange the Na2SO4 content in the mother liquor control tank, but also can discharge some fine salt crystals out of the system to keep the crystal nucleus in the tank relatively stable, and the beneficial salt grains grow. In addition, the brush canning method for retaining the liquid in the crystal grower during each brushing is also considered comprehensively.


Therefore, when OSLO is used to cool the crystallizer, it can effectively avoid the loss of large-grained salt in the crystallizer tank, and it can also shorten the time for regenerating the qualified salt after brushing. Its circulating pump motor uses an adjustable motor to regulate the circulation pump flow rate by adjusting the motor rotation speed, thereby regulating the salt crystal grain size in the circulating clear liquid and the amount of crystals discharged from the system.


In summary, the OSLO cooling crystallizer is a representative crystallizer for the salt industry. The main characteristic of the OSLO cooling crystallizer is that the solution flows out from the upper part of the crystallizer and enters the forced circulation pump. After the device that can make the solution supersaturate enters the downcomer in the center of the crystallizer, crystals gradually form and the crystals that have grown up sink in At the bottom of the mold, remove the product.