What are the main characteristics of Oslo cooling Crystallizer?

- Apr 13, 2018-

First of all, by virtue of its own grading function, Oslo cooling crystallizer is often used to produce large particles in the workplace.

In the Oslo cooling crystallizer, the crystal is submerged in the supersaturated liquid flow, which provides an excellent flow field condition for the crystal growth.

Brief introduction of Oslo cooling Crystallizer: The crystal growth area is usually set at the lower part of the Oslo cooling crystallizer. And the supersaturation liquid will be sent to the bottom of the mold, in the process of rising through the crystal bed, gradually eliminate the saturation, crystal gradually grow up.

In order to meet the requirements of use, it is usually designed as a mold with a large diameter of the clarification area.

The main advantage of Oslo cooling Crystallizer is that there are few crystal particles in the circulating mother liquor, so it can effectively reduce the contact probability between the impeller and the grains, reduce the rate of nucleation by two times, and provide a good condition for the cultivation of large granular crystals.

Application range of Oslo cooling mould:

In combination with its performance characteristics, the current Oslo cooling Crystallizer is mainly used for crystal particles good, mother liquor viscosity general products at low temperature (or frozen) crystallization of the occasion, including sodium sulfate, ammonium chloride, carbonate, sodium nitrate, persulfate machine oxalic acid salt.

Structural features of Oslo cooling Crystallizer: Usually in the process of Oslo cooling Crystallizer structure design, the bottom of the mould is designed as a garden arc. The advantage of this is that it can improve the flow state of the liquid in the grain-making device, so as not to form a dead zone.


In addition, the enlarged section of the upper part of the fertile crystal can settle the salt crystal, do not participate in the cycle, and reduce the chance of nucleation two times. In the present application situation, the Oslo cooling Crystallizer is an important equipment in salt making field. It is characterized by the solution from the upper part of the mold outflow, into the forced circulation pump.

Then, through the device which can produce the saturation of the solution, it enters into the Oslo cooling Crystallizer Center to reduce the liquid tube, gradually forming the crystallization, and the crystallization is sunk at the bottom of the crystallizer.