What are the contents of the daily maintenance and inspection of the rake type vacuum dryer?

- Mar 22, 2018-

In the process of heating and drying with rake type vacuum dryer, the material can obtain the condition of uniform heating, so that the water can be rapidly gasification and dry.


Rake type Vacuum dryer is mainly the use of its jacket in the superheated steam heating, so that the material can provide evaporation of water required for the heat, gasification of water by the vacuum pump in time to pump away. This rake type vacuum dryer itself has many advantages, because of its structural design advanced, it can not only obtain a higher degree of vacuum, but also to be dry material surface water vapor saturation pressure is much larger than the evaporation space in the dryer shell vapor pressure, is conducive to the internal moisture in the material at a lower temperature quickly discharged,


Finally achieve the purpose of concentrating and drying the material.


On the daily maintenance requirements of rake type vacuum dryer: In order to ensure that the rake type vacuum dryer can be operated stably for a long time, proper maintenance is needed during the operation.


First of all, the operator should pass the examination after the certificate of post, to do "four understand" "three will", that is, understand the structure, understand the principle, understand the performance, understand the use of, will be used, will be maintained, will be able to troubleshoot problems. Secondly, the rake type vacuum dryer before entering the formal drying, should preheat for a period of time.


Generally will preheat temperature below 40 , temperature rise can not be too fast, preheat bolts tighten, the material added to the main point dynamic test run, if no abnormal phenomenon can be formally put into operation.


Daily inspection of rake type vacuum dryer: The main is to check the operation of the rake-type vacuum dryer, if found to have abnormal noise and other problems should be timely stop check. Check the lubrication of rake type vacuum dryer, add lubricating oil (grease) in time and pay attention to bearing temperature.

To ensure that the sealing surface of the inlet and outlet is clean and the equipment and accessories should be complete and reliable.