What about the performance characteristics of DTB Crystallizer?

- Apr 04, 2018-

DTB Crystallizer is the abbreviation of the Guide tube Crystallizer, such an efficient clean equipment, mainly by the PLC control material temperature.


Because of the unique structure design and working characteristics, it is decided that the DTB Crystallizer has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, simple configuration, convenient operation control and good operating environment, and is widely used in the crystallization operation of chemical industry, medicine, pesticide and so on. At the same time in order to meet the requirements of different users, the current DTB mold equipment Specifications of many models, users can choose their own. In the crystallization process, the saturation of solution, uniformity of material temperature and stirring speed and cooling area are the decisive factors affecting the grain size and appearance shape of the product.


Usually in the equipment will also be configured with a dedicated stirring paddle, and temperature, stirring rotor speed can be adjusted to achieve system self control, in order to adapt to a variety of material crystallization requirements.


Main features of DTB Crystallizer: First of all, the equipment belongs to a typical crystalline internal circulation mold. For the users, the DTB Crystallizer has good hydrodynamic effect.


At the same time, the use of a dedicated spiral slurry, to achieve an efficient internal circulation, and almost no two times the nucleation. Secondly, in the process of using DTB Crystallizer, there is hardly any internal wall scarring phenomenon. If it is used in medicine, also can meet the GMP requirements. Crystal slurry over saturation uniformity, particle size distribution is good, achieve high efficiency, low energy production.


During use, can also be installed according to the needs of washing legs to achieve continuous production operations. In addition, the DTB Crystallizer does not need to set a heater or cooler during the use of the mold, cooling crystallization can also be used for vacuum evaporation cooling crystallization.


DTB Crystallizer has the advantages of low rotational speed, easy regulation, strong applicability, reliable operation and few faults, and has been widely used in chemical industry, light industrial, medicine and other industries.