Vacuum rotary drum flaker dryer performance, installation and use instructions

- May 02, 2018-

The Vacuum rotary drum flaker dryer has a wide range of adaptability. For the user, the entire operation process is relatively simple and convenient, and it is very flexible. The device is equipped with multiple sets of tools that can be flexibly adjusted as needed. The rotary drum flaker is fully functional and can be sliced and dried.

Let's first look at the main features of the Vacuum rotary drum flaker dryer

1. The equipment has advanced performance and can maintain a stable working condition during use. It is very reliable;

2, in the actual operation, the device can be continuously variable, drum speed adjustable;

3, with a side scraper to prevent the side of the drum dump;

4, high precision drum;

5. The device has a compact structure and a small footprint;

6, a wide range of adaptation, easy operation and flexibility;

7, half pipe jacket type tray, safe and reliable.

Similarly, the installation and use of the Vacuum drum flaker dryer is also very particular. At the time of installation, it is necessary to install the equipment on a flat surface without noticeable unevenness. When connecting the cooling water pipes, it is also necessary to keep the two sides parallel, or adjust them during test operation so that the two ends do not leak, and both ends are sealed by packing or rotary joints.

Remember, in the production process, after the power is turned on, the worker needs to adjust the distance between the tool and the barrel first, then start the motor and start slicing. Also, check the power source, steam source, and confirm safety before production. Before using the Vacuum rotary drum flaker dryer equipment, the blanking basin should be preheated to avoid solidification layer between the material and the cylinder, and it can not be operated normally. Generally, the material is kept in liquid state.

In the course of operation, it is necessary to start the roller to facilitate feeding. Then adjust the rotation speed of the drum appropriately. After feeding, the speed of the Vacuum rotary drum flaker dryer can be adjusted according to the slicing requirements. The slicing yield will be determined based on the thickness and cooling effect. Note that the place where the hopper of the Vacuum rotary drum flaker dryer is in a high temperature zone should be avoided.