Vacuum Rake dryer is really a good drying equipment

- Apr 09, 2018-

In practical applications, when the material to be processed is added to the shell of a vacuum rake dryer, with the continuous rotation of the rake teeth stirring, materials and vacuum harrow dryer shell Wall Contact, the surface is constantly updated, the drying materials by the steam (or hot water, heat conduction oil) indirect heating, so that the material moisture vaporization,


Vaporization of water from the vacuum pump in time to drain away. It should be noted that in the use of vacuum harrow dryer, the requirements for the degree of vacuum is more stringent. It is usually kept within 400 to 700MM/HG range. Moreover, the surface water vapor pressure of the drying material is much larger than that of the evaporation space in the dryer shell.


This will help to be dried materials inside the water and surface moisture discharge, is conducive to the drying of the water molecule movement, to achieve the purpose of drying. According to its performance characteristics to analyze, in fact, the use of vacuum harrow dryer to dry heat-sensitive, at high temperature, easy to oxidize the material or dry, easy to harden the material, as well as the steam discharged from the drying of the materials to be recycled is more favorable.


The typical drying materials include sodium propylene sulfonate, CMC, phthalocyanine, dye intermediates and carboxymethyl starch. At the same time from the application of the analysis, Vacuum rake dryer has a good application effect.


The structure of the equipment is relatively simple, and easy to operate, the use of a long cycle, stable and reliable performance, low steam consumption, applicability and strong product quality. In addition to these advantages, in fact, vacuum rake dryer, especially in the heat-resistant, flammable, temperature-prone oxidation of paste-like materials in the drying has obvious advantages.


Through the long-term use of many users to prove that the vacuum rake dryer is indeed a good drying equipment.