U-tube heat exchanger for what occasions?

- Mar 15, 2018-

In U-tube heat exchangers, all of its tubes are U-shaped, and fluid inlets and outlets are arranged on the same side of the tube. The inside of the header is divided into two compartments by a partition. Each tube can be Flexibility to solve the problem of thermal compensation. In general, the structure of the U-tube heat exchanger is very simple, there is only one tube sheet, less sealing surface, reliable operation and low cost.


Not only that, after a period of use, we can pull out the tube bundle directly, which is very convenient when cleaning the U-tube heat exchanger tubes (shell shell). In addition, its light weight can satisfy the high temperature and high pressure work conditions.


Combined with its structural characteristics and performance characteristics to analyze, U-tube heat exchangers are currently used in pipes, shell wall temperature difference or shell-scale medium is prone to scaling, while the cleanliness of the tube medium is not easy to fouling and high temperature, high pressure, corrosion Strong occasions. Under normal circumstances, high-temperature, high-pressure, corrosive media walks through the tube, which can effectively reduce the high-pressure space, the sealing problem is easy to solve, and can save materials and reduce heat loss.


So far, the application of U-tube heat exchangers in different industries is quite common, such as automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, power, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, refrigeration, light industry, food and construction machinery and other industries. In fact, the heat exchanger belongs to a general-purpose device, which accounts for about 20% to 70% of the total amount of process equipment.


In comparison, the use of U-tube heat exchangers also has the advantage that they have relatively few leaks, and the U-tube heat exchangers are easier to dry after shell-pressure testing. Moreover, it has a wide range of applications, simple maintenance, and good operation flexibility, so it is more and more widely used.