Typical characteristics of U tube heat exchanger

- Jan 15, 2019-

The overall structure of the U tube heat exchanger is relatively simple, and the heat exchange tubes are U-shaped, and the two ends are fixed on the same tube plate. Moreover, since the casing and the heat exchange tube are separated, the heat exchange tube bundle can be freely stretched, and no temperature difference stress is generated due to the temperature difference of the medium. U tube heat exchanger has only one tube plate, no floating head, tube bundle can be freely extracted and loaded, easy to clean, and has the advantages of floating head heat exchanger.

Analysis of typical characteristics of U tube heat exchanger:

1. The tube bundle of the U-shaped heat exchange tube can float freely, and does not need to consider the temperature difference stress, and is also suitable for the operation occasions with large temperature difference;

2. Only one tube plate, the number of flanges is small, the leakage point is small, the structure is simple, and the use is convenient;

3.Can be used to clean the tube bundle;

4. Considering that the heat exchange tubes in the U-tube heat exchanger are limited by the minimum bending radius, the split pitch is wide, so the number of tubes is small;

At the same time, because of the simple structure and layout, the U tube heat exchanger runs more stably and saves costs. Moreover, the tube bundle can be withdrawn and the tube can be easily cleaned.