Timing to see the production of high efficiency

- Jan 17, 2018-

Disperser for installation and commissioning can be divided into two parts. Part of the installation, while the other part is debugging. But no matter which part is very important, so the operator needs extra attention to the details of the problem, then Xiaobian explain in detail the two parts.

Installation: The general dispersion machine installed on a horizontal basis, the expansion bolt can be explosion-proof requirements to be connected to electrical cabinets, and explosion-proof box between the operation of the cable, the cable is generally used by the unit to connect their own electrician, the supplier cable specification.

Debugging: 1, start the disperser lift switch to see if the lift is flexible and reliable. 2, start dispersing machine stirring switch, speed transferred to the speed, see if it is stable.

1, Disperser V-belt should be the same length, into the gearbox, the appropriate tension, tighten the skateboard bolts, cover the cover.

2, Disperser if the shutdown for a long time do not have to turn off the total power, wipe it clean, the lubricating parts of the oil, the spindle and the cylinder oiling rust.

3, 46 # hydraulic oil tank, replace once every six months and clean the meter box, filter clean once a month, two or three days after the oil change clean.

4, Disperser rotating gears, bearings, balls, shafts and bushings and fuel tanks, oiling once a week, in use such as overheating or abnormal timely view.

5, if the disperser caused by overload and downtime, you need to press the "reset" button before proceeding.

6, AC contactor check once every six months, equipment maintenance once a year.

7, Disperser timing Disperser vulnerability and found worn immediately replaced.

8, it is necessary to touch the scattered pot every day to see once, and carefully make the pot touch records. use.

9, column and mixing shaft to be regularly added lubricants, usually a refueling class.

10, transmission with irregular view of the triangle.