Three-in-one equipment (multi-function) performance introduction of filtration washing and drying equipment

- May 07, 2018-

Filter washing and drying equipment Three-in-one equipment (multi-function) is a new type of fully automatic control, intermittent operation of multi-functional equipment. First of all, the three-in-one equipment (multi-function) of filtration washing and drying equipment adopts a totally enclosed structure as a whole, so the entire operation process is completed under completely closed conditions, so that it can meet strict quality requirements.


Secondly, in the process of using the filter-washing and drying equipment three-in-one equipment (multi-function), the user can perform the reaction, filtration, washing, and drying processes in accordance with actual requirements. The equipment uses a ribbon-type stirring structure inside the device. The entire filter cake layer is very thin, which effectively improves the filtration efficiency. Moreover, the quality of the sealing components used is reliable and ensures zero contamination of the material during the production process.


Third, filtration, washing and drying equipment Three-in-one equipment (multi-function) The circulatory system consisting of a stirring mechanism and a tube jacket can pass a certain pressure of the heat medium, combined with ribbon mixing to heat the material fully turning Exchange, drying effect is very good. In addition, effective cleaning in place can be achieved without dead corner design.


Fourth, a multi-function automatic control system is specially equipped in the triple-in-one equipment (multi-function) for filtering washing and drying equipment. Therefore, in practical applications, single-batch materials can be sequentially filtered, washed, dried and other processes inside the equipment, effectively preventing the materials from being polluted during different process transfer processes. And the whole process is automatically controlled, which makes the operation easier and reduces the operating cost.


In addition, in order to meet the requirements of different users, the three-in-one equipment (multi-function) for filtering washing and drying equipment can also be customized to meet the user's needs to customize the spray system to ensure the material washing effect; at the same time, the design considers the spray system itself to be clean. Requirements, for the strict purity of the material, the customer can also apply to achieve effective in-place cleaning.