The spiral plate heat exchanger has good sealing performance and small temperature difference stress.

- Jul 06, 2018-

The spiral plate heat exchanger has the advantages of small volume, low metal consumption, high heat transfer efficiency and compact equipment. In a certain extent, it is suitable for gas to liquid, liquid to liquid and gas to gas convection heat transfer, steam condensation and liquid evaporation heat transfer, chemical, petroleum, medicine, machinery, electricity, environmental protection, energy saving and heat quantity conversion and other industries.

Characteristics of the use of spiral plate heat exchangers

The heat transfer efficiency of the helix plate heat exchanger is good. In the course of bending, the spiral channel and the fixed distance column are beneficial to the enhancement of the fluid resistance in the turbulent flow channel, which can improve the flow velocity and improve the heat transfer coefficient. For water to water heat transfer, the heat transfer coefficient can reach 1.8 to 3.5 kilowatts per square meter per centigrade [kW/ (m).

The spiral plate heat exchanger has the function of self cleaning to a certain extent, and the fluid in the single channel will pass through the deposition of impurities in the channel, so that the flow rate will be improved relatively, and the impurities are easily washed away.

The spiral plate heat exchanger has good sealing performance of the Non-detachable structure and is suitable for heat transfer of highly toxic, flammable, explosive or valuable fluids.

The spiral plate heat exchangers flow in a pure countercurrent flow in the adjacent channels, and the maximum logarithmic mean temperature difference is obtained, which is beneficial to the heat transfer of the small temperature difference, and is suitable for the recovery of low temperature thermal energy.

The structure of the spiral plate heat exchanger is relatively compact and the heat transfer area in the unit volume can reach 150m.

The spiral plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of elastic expansion and temperature difference stress of the spiral channel itself.

The price of the spiral plate heat exchanger is low. Under the same heat exchange area when used, the volume of the spiral baffle heat exchanger is smaller than that of the traditional bow baffle heat exchanger. The cost of the raw material is lower than that of the heat exchanger. The key to the selection of a spiral plate heat exchanger is the problem of clogging. Although it has self cleaning effect, it will be blocked because of improper design or operation. It is also difficult to use a detachable structure to clean it by mechanical method.