The speed of the double-stirred reactor is controlled as follows

- Mar 09, 2018-

Double stirred reactor is used in a static seal structure, the mixer and the motor drive is used between the magnetic coupling means that the coupling, because it does not contact the transmission torque, this time it will be replaced by a static seal Dynamic seal, this time is to completely solve the previous mechanical seal and packing seal can not solve the problem of leakage, this time will make the entire medium of the stirring parts are absolutely sealed state of work.


The static seal structure adopted in the double-stirred reactor is a permanent-magnet coupling between the propeller stirrer and the motor. The rotation of the stirrer passes through the speed-measuring device and is displayed on the speedometer. This reactor will be equipped with a console. This time, it is inevitable that the power supply voltage of the electric heater will be adjusted according to the given temperature. This will naturally achieve the purpose of automatic constant temperature.


Similarly, when the dual-stirred reactor is stirring, it will adjust the power supply voltage on the stirring motor according to the needs of the stirring load. This time, it will achieve the purpose of stepless speed regulation and stirring. Next, the propellant type and slurry type adopted in the dual-stirred reactors are smaller in shear force than the flat-leaf turbine type, and at this time, they are also usable with a small amount of liquid dispersion. Paste is rarely used for decentralized operations.


With respect to the dispersion operation of the dual-stirred reactors, in summary, there are also baffles for the effect of strengthening shearing. The shell adopts standard aluminum alloy chassis, and the upper cover can be withdrawn backwards, which is convenient for maintenance and overhaul. Dual-stirred reactor panel equipped with a temperature meter, voltmeter, tachometer, as well as control switches and adjustment knob, easy for operators to operate and use.


Double stirring reactor used in the mixing control circuit of the electronic components will be uniformly assembled in a circuit board, this circuit is used in the double closed-loop control system, in terms of this point, that is, with speed accuracy It is very high, the rotational speed is very stable, and there are related features such as strong anti-interference ability, and the circuit on the double-stirred reaction kettle also has relatively complete protection functions such as limiting over-speed and over-current.