The role and process effect of ND continuous reaction crystallizer

- Nov 28, 2018-

The ND continuous reaction crystallizer is mainly used for purification, and the reaction crystallization process has the characteristics of high selectivity, and thus is often used for separation and purification of products. The main influencing factors of reaction crystallization: saturation, temperature, mixing uniformity, stirring strength, material purity.

The ND continuous reaction crystallizer has a simple structure and low energy consumption, and in operation, it is easy to control the internal temperature, the pH value of the solution, and the like. The obtained crystal grain size distribution is uniform, and the crystals with higher purity can be produced as required, and the crystal grains are uniform and easy to be filtered, which is a great improvement on the quality of the product. The user can be equipped with a crystal elimination device; the upper fine crystal enters the fine crystal eliminator and becomes a supersaturated solution and returns to the crystallizer to continue crystallization.

In the process of using the ND continuous reaction crystallizer, the reaction crystallization temperature can be adjusted as needed. The technical parameters of each controller of the device can ensure the requirements of the process, and can automatically monitor and control the crystallization temperature and other indicators. The pump adopts frequency conversion control, and the feeding and discharging operations can be automatically controlled.