The main performance and constant temperature heating of a multi-function reactor

- Jul 02, 2018-

In the process of operation, the multi-function reactor can be effectively divided into two forms of stainless steel and carbon steel in accordance with its material, of which the inner cylinder and the jacket are the normal pressure technology. The multi-function reactor is durable and reasonable in structure. To a certain extent, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and convenient use.

In a certain extent, the multi-function reactor mainly uses the original heating and water dual bath pot. In general, under the condition of constant temperature, various biochemical reactions and synthetic reactions and the whole system of the instrument are closed. In the operation, the material is vaporized, evaporated and condensed in a variety of conditions under normal pressure and negative pressure. Flow, concentration and purification, one machine is multi-purpose, is the modern chemistry, fine chemical industry, bio pharmaceutical, new material synthesis of the ideal pilot production system equipments.

The working principle of a multi-function reactor

The multi-function reactor is equipped with a single glass reactor with a water bath to a certain extent. This can provide the hot medium for the single glass reactor, or the extra configuration of the condensing coil in the bath pot, and provide the cold medium for the monolayer glass reactor. The material in the reactor is heated or cooled at constant temperature.

During the operation of the multi-function reactor, the material will be reacted in the equipment, which can effectively control the evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution. After the reaction is completed, the material of the single layer glass reactor can be released from the full sealed discharge port of the bottom of the tank with a specification of 10L or more, and the operation is very convenient.

The main performance of a multi-function reactor

The full glass of the multi-function reactor is made of high boron silicon glass material. It has excellent chemical and physical properties, variable frequency speed regulation of the whole product and AC induction motor. Constant speed, no brush, no spark, safe and stable, continuous work.

The part of the bottom material of the multi-function reactor is specially designed for the glass flange mouth. The whole container has no dead angle in the whole container, and it can be dismantled and convenient for the solid material to be discharged during the operation. The whole machine has perfect sealing performance, and the negative pressure can reach 0.095MPa under static state.