The main features and application scope of vacuum rake dryer

- May 05, 2018-

Vacuum rake drying has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, long service life, stable and reliable performance, low steam consumption, and strong applicability. In practical applications, the device is especially suitable for the drying of paste-like materials that are not resistant to high temperatures, flammable, and easily oxidized under temperature regulation. After long-term use by users, the vacuum rake dryer is an excellent drying device.


First, the main features of vacuum rake dryer:


First of all, compared to other dryer equipment, the vacuum rake dryer can dry almost all materials with different properties and conditions, especially the drying of explosive, easily oxidized, pasty materials.


Secondly, the product obtained after drying by a vacuum rake dryer has good quality. This is because during the drying process, the caries continue to rotate forward and backward, and the dried materials are stirred evenly to avoid overheating of the materials, the moisture is also easily escaped, and the shell obtains a low-temperature product. Due to the fine grain size, it can be packaged without crushing.


Third, the vacuum rake dryer is very energy-efficient throughout the drying process, consuming only a small amount of steam. It is understood that the consumption of steam for processing per kilogram of finished product is about 1.3-1.8 kg of steam.


In addition, in the process of drying, different sealing forms can be selected in combination with actual conditions to ensure the sealing performance and service life. Moreover, the vacuum rake dryer is easy to operate, has a small capacity, and has low labor intensity. As the material escape loss is reduced, the environmental hygiene is improved.


Second, the main components of the vacuum rake dryer:


1, the shell

2, tooth decay

3, discharge device

4, feeding device

5, crush bar

6, sealing device

7, stirring axis

8, transmission device


Third, vacuum rake dryer can dry materials:


Users can use vacuum rake dryer to dry and process different materials, mainly including mud-like, high-paste materials below 100 mesh; various pigments, muddy materials; dyes, pigments, clay ash, etc.; clay and cement, etc. .