The installation of reactors, instructions for heating, electricity and sealing of the components

- Feb 05, 2018-

Reactor is a kind of pressure vessels, which is used to carry out various reactions in a closed environment in order to get the desired materials or reaction results, thus achieving the desired purpose of use. So, what basic understanding should we have for this pressure vessel? There will be some explanations about the related knowledge of the reactor, so that we can have a preliminary understanding of it.

1. what are the instructions for the installation of the reactors?

The installation of the reactors has some necessary knowledge, and its specific words are as follows:

The installation place of the reactors should be inside the high pressure operating room which meets the requirements of the explosion protection. And if a number of reactors are used, they should be placed separately. We should use the explosion-proof wall to separate between the adjacent reactors. In addition, in each operating room, there should be a passageway and exit to the outside to ensure the safety of using the reactors and the good ventilation of its use.


2.what should be done when the reactor is transported to the installation site? In addition, the heating mode is heated by thermal oil and electricity heating, what are the notices?

When the reactor is transported to the installation site, the package should be opened to check, whether it is complete or intact. And, the installation of it should be carried out according to the structure of the equipments, all of its accessories should be checked according to the packing list, to see whether there’s any omission. If the heating mode is heated by heat conducting oil, then the appropriate heat conducting oil should be used, and the heat conducting oil can not contain moisture, so as to avoid problems in the process of using.


3.Is the reactor’s body, the installation and the seal of the cauldron cover important?

The reactor’s body and the cauldron cover of the reactor are the two important parts. Therefore, the installation and seal of the reactors should be paid attention to and can not be ignored. The installation should be carried out according to the installation specifications and requirements, and the improper or incorrect operation shall be strictly prohibited. In sealing, the gasket or cone surface is usually contacted with the circle arc surface, and the main nut is pressed to compress each other, so that a good sealing effect can be obtained.

In addition, it is also necessary to know that more attention should be paid to the sealing cover, and there shouldn’t be any damage. If there is any damage on the sealing surface, it needs to be reprocessed and repaired. If it doesn't work, it can only be replaced by the new ones to ensure a good sealing effect and the normal use of the reactors.