The effect of temperature difference stress and temperature difference compensation on tubular heat exchanger

- Jul 11, 2018-

In the process of operation, the structure of the tubular heat exchanger is simple, compact and cheap. When it is used, the tube can not be mechanically cleaned. To a certain extent, the tube bundle of the tubular heat exchanger is connected to the tube plate. To a certain extent, the tube plate will be welded at both ends of the shell and there will be the top cover at the connected area, to a certain extent, therell be a fluid inlet and outlet nozzle for its top cover and shell.

The tube type heat exchanger usually sets up a series of baffles outside and perpendicular to the tube. When the tube is operated, the pipe and the tube plate are connected with the outer shell. In the operation, there are two different temperature fluids inside and outside the tube. When the temperature difference between the tube wall and the shell wall is great, there's a lot of temperature difference stress because of the heat expansion difference. So the pipe twists or turns the tube loose from the tube plate, or even destroys the heat exchanger.

In order to overcome the temperature difference stress of the tubular heat exchanger, to some extent, it must have its temperature difference compensation device. In general, when the temperature difference between the wall and the shell wall is more than 50 degrees, the heat exchanger should have the temperature difference compensation device for safety, but the compensation device can only be used in the shell wall and the tube wall. The temperature difference is less than 60~70 and the pressure of the shell side is not high. When the shell side pressure exceeds 0.6Mpa, because the compensation circle is too thick to expand and lose the effect of temperature difference compensation, other structures should be considered.

The tubular heat exchanger is operated to a certain extent for a long time, which will directly cause the equipment to be blocked by scale, which will reduce the efficiency and increase the energy consumption to some extent, and the life will be shortened during operation. In operation, if the scale can not be removed in time, the equipment will face the danger of maintenance, shutdown and scrap replacement in a certain extent.

When the tube heat exchanger is running, the enterprise can effectively use its efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning agent, so it can effectively avoid the situations above. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, safety and no corrosion in use. It can not only clean the effect well but also have no corrosion to the equipment. It can guarantee the long term use of the air compressor.