The cleaning effect of tubular heat exchanger is large

- Mar 07, 2018-

According to the survey, the tube-type heat exchanger is the current chemical and its alcohol production on the application of a relatively wide range of heat exchanger equipment. Tubular heat exchanger is mainly composed of shell, tube plate, heat exchanger, head, baffle baffle and so on. The main materials required for tubular heat exchangers include ordinary carbon steel, copper and stainless steel.


Heat transfer operation of tubular heat exchanger means that the fluid will enter directly from the place of the connecting tube of the head. In the pipe flow, the next will flow from the end of the head of the outlet pipe, which is called the tube, and another fluid will be taken over the shell, from the shell of another nozzle, in this case, Which is called the shell-Chenglei heat exchanger.


Tube type heat EXCHANGER cleaning significance: to pay attention to the heat exchanger equipment in the long-term operation, will appear scaling plug equipment phenomenon, this will make its efficiency has been reduced, while on its energy consumption will be increased, life will be shortened. If the scale can not be cleared in time, it will face the danger of equipment maintenance, downtime or scrap replacement.


As a result of the above impact, the enterprise will use high-performance Environmental cleaning agent to clean the tube-type heat exchanger equipment to avoid the above situation, thus, it will have high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, no corrosion and other related characteristics, not only good cleaning effect, and the equipment will not appear corrosion, This time can also guarantee the long-term use of air compressors.


Cleaning agent used in the current cleaning of tubular heat exchangers, refers to the specific wetting agent and penetrating agent, this time can effectively remove the most stubborn water scale (calcium carbonate), rust, grease or sticky mud and other sediments, while, such cleaning agent, in the tube-type heat exchanger for effective cleaning, will not cause harm to the human body, can greatly prolong the service life of the equipment.