Temperature load and pressure maintenance of jacketed reactor vessels

- Sep 15, 2018-

The jacketed reactor vessel is loaded with the active zone and all the components in the stack during operation, and has a radiation shielding effect on the core during use, and a folding control rod socket and its driving mechanism are mounted on the top cover, which bears a large Mechanical and dynamic loads, as pressure-bearing boundaries, seal high temperature and high pressure radioactive primary coolant and maintain its pressure, bearing dynamic loads and temperature loads.

The material of the jacketed reactor vessel has good purity, density, composition and uniformity of properties, and has excellent mechanical properties (strength, plasticity, impact toughness, fracture toughness, etc.) at medium and high temperatures, metallurgical quality and good resistance. Corrosion, weldability and radiation resistance (low sensitivity to neutron irradiation embrittlement), thermal stability, processability, etc. Among them, the material performance of the barrel section facing the active zone is the highest.

The jacketed reactor vessel has a built-in cooling and heating coil, and its heat exchange effect is much better than that of the interlayer. The production efficiency is high when the operation is performed, but the cost is also high, and the reaction kettle can be considered for large rubber manufacturers. It is convenient to manufacture and overhaul, but it requires a high level of operation. Because the reaction is not easy to control, the relevant cooling facilities must keep up.

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