Technical Features and Preheating Effect of MVR Evaporator

- Jun 25, 2018-

The inside of the tube of the MVR evaporator is arranged in the inside of the tube. When it is used, the inside of the tube is the product. When the operation is performed, the outside is steam, and the MVR evaporator mainly flows from top to bottom, due to the area inside the tube. The product used increases in film flow, so that the heated area can be increased. To a certain extent, the negative pressure is formed in the effect body by the vacuum pump, and the boiling point of the water in the product is lowered to achieve concentration, and the product evaporation temperature is about 60°C.


The effective evaporation of the MVR evaporator produces its condensed water after it has been heated and vaporized. During operation, part of the steam and the residual steam of the effector are separated by the separator, and the condensed water is mainly generated by the separator. The lower part of the separator flows out of the product for preheating the influent body, the steam is supercharged by a fan booster, and then the supercharged steam merges the steam once again through the pipeline.


The MVR evaporator requires a part of the steam for effective preheating at start-up. After the normal operation, the required steam will be greatly reduced. During operation, the fan booster will effectively pressurize the secondary steam. In the process, heat energy is directly converted from electricity into steam, so the steam required during the operation of the equipment is reduced, and the required amount of electricity is greatly increased.


The temperature of the MVR evaporator is always maintained at about 60°C throughout the flow of the effect, the temperature difference between the heating steam and the product is also maintained at about 5-8°C, and the temperature difference between the product and the heating medium is higher. Xiaoyue helps protect product quality and effectively prevent sticking. When the concentration of the product is about 50%, only the MVR evaporator can be completed. When the required concentration is 60%, the flash equipment needs to be installed.


Technical Features of MVR Evaporator

1. The low energy consumption and low operating costs of the MVR evaporator.

2. Small footprint of MVR evaporator

3. MVR evaporators have fewer utilities and less total project investment.

4. The equipment is very smooth and highly automated during operation.

5. No need for raw steam.

6. Short product residence time due to common single effect

7. The MVR evaporator has a simple process and high practicality. It has excellent partial load operation characteristics during operation.