Technical characteristics and application range of the MVR evaporator

- Jan 09, 2019-

The MVR evaporator has the characteristics of compact structure design, small space occupation, etc., and the cooling system is also omitted in use. For existing plants that need to expand the evaporation equipment to supply steam, water supply capacity is insufficient, and the site is not enough, especially in the case where low-temperature evaporation requires condensed water condensation, the MVR evaporator can receive both investment savings and better energy-saving effects.

The MVR evaporator can maintain long-term efficient operation, low energy consumption and cost savings. Moreover, it has a high degree of automation, does not require native steam, and has a short residence time due to common single effects. The whole process is simple, practical, and excellent in partial load operation. For the user, the operating cost is low, and it can be evaporated below 40 ° C without refrigeration equipment, especially suitable for heat sensitive materials.

The MVR evaporator can be used for evaporative concentration, evaporative crystallization, and cryogenic evaporation applications. It is understood that the device needs to consume 23-70 kWh of electricity when evaporating one ton of water; it can realize low-temperature evaporation of evaporating temperature of 17-40 °C without the need of a chilled water system.