Steam energy and utilization rate of MVR industrial waste water evaporator

- Jul 25, 2018-

In the process of the work of the MVR industrial wastewater evaporator, the low temperature steam will be effectively compressed through its compressor, the pressure of the MVR industrial waste water evaporator increases, temperature, enthalpy increase, and then into the heat exchanger condensate, in order to make full use of the latent heat of steam. In addition to start-up, there is no need to generate steam in the whole evaporation process.

In addition to driving, the MVR industrial waste water evaporator will make the whole evaporation process two steam without steam from the evaporator during the process of operation. It is compressed by compressor, the pressure and temperature increase, the enthalpy increases, and then it is sent to the heating room of the evaporator to be used as hot steam to keep the liquid boiling. The heated steam itself condenses into water. In this way, the original waste steam is fully utilized, the latent heat is recovered, and the heat efficiency is improved. The economy of steam generation is equivalent to the 30 effect of multi effect evaporation.

The MVR industrial waste water evaporator mainly uses its compressor to increase the energy of the secondary steam, and uses the two steam to increase the energy, and the latent heat of recovery of two steam when used. Specifically, the two steam produced by the evaporator is compressed by the compressor to make its pressure and temperature increase, and then as heating steam to the heating room of the evaporator, condensing and exothermic, so the latent heat of the steam is recycled. Before the cold material enters the evaporator, the heat of condensate is absorbed through the heat exchanger, the temperature is raised, the condensate and the complete liquid are cooled, and the utilization rate of heat is further improved.