Rotary Vacuum Rotary Vacuum Drum Dryer

- May 28, 2018-

The overall design of the rotary vacuum drum dryer is rather special. The device has precise temperature control. It does not use water or steam during the drying process. This "dry" heater guarantees operational safety. The main drying principle of rotating vacuum drum dryers can be summarized as follows: The wet material is attached to the heated metal drum - the heat transfer method provides the heat required for vaporization to dry the material.


Because of these characteristics, rotary vacuum drum dryers are currently used mainly for drying concentrated liquids and viscous liquids. Its drying element is a hot drum, and the rotating hot drum is sent to the drying area for drying. The drying efficiency of the device is high, the operation is simple and it is very durable. The equipment is mainly composed of a frame, a hot drum, a felt roll, a felt and a temperature control device.


So, what is the structure of a rotary vacuum drum dryer? In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, its racks are made of aluminum alloy profiles, which are beautiful and corrosion resistant. The key component hot drum is made of carbon steel, the surface is polished and chrome plated, each felt supports the paper-carrying felt, and the felt has a tension adjusting device. The temperature of the hot drum is radiated by the built-in heater, which can measure the internal and external temperatures. The temperature controller can set, measure and control the temperature.


From the analysis of actual applications, the use of a rotating vacuum drum dryer not only maintains a good site environment, but also is easy to operate and maintain. The device is capable of continuous drying, so that the drying efficiency can be greatly improved. At the same time the device can also be used to process the drying medium in processing


During the operation of the rotating vacuum drum dryer, the specific temperature can be adjusted as needed. After the drying process is complete, the drying medium is separated from the workpiece in the screen drum and automatically returned to the heating zone. In addition, this rotary vacuum drum dryer is equipped with an integrated dust collector and air shower to remove particles and transport dry particles to prepare for later processing.