Process design and using instructions of stainless steel spiral plate heat exchanger

- Dec 04, 2018-

For different application requirements of stainless steel spiral plate heat exchanger, appropriate process calculations are required to ensure that the liquid in the equipment passages is turbulent. The device can be placed horizontally or vertically, but it can only be used for steam condensation. For the caustic soda industry, an overall heat treatment must be performed to eliminate stress. When the flow value difference between the two sides of the channel is large, the unequal spacing channel can be used to optimize the process design.

Regarding the installation of the stainless steel spiral plate heat exchanger, it is necessary to arrange the guidance of the engineering and technical personnel who are familiar with the process of the system, and determine the installation process plan according to the specification and the product quality certificate and the technical characteristics of the system. In the installation, it should be considered to use the direction of the pipeline to absorb the thermal expansion as much as possible, and the installation should be horizontal and correct, and no additional stress can be generated to avoid adverse effects on the equipment. The pipe joint should be such that the two processes are completely countercurrent to improve heat transfer.

After the installation of the stainless steel spiral plate heat exchanger, the equipment and system need to be hydrostatically tested, and the equipment should be insulated after the test. The cycle must be softened or dosing. (According to the low-pressure boiler water quality standard GB1576-96), due to improper water treatment caused by scaling, chemical cleaning can be used for descaling.