Practical Analysis of DTB Crystallizer

- Mar 13, 2018-

During the operation of the DTB crystallizer, it is often influenced by many factors. The saturation of the solution, the uniformity of the material temperature, the stirring speed, and the cooling area all have a great influence on the grain size and appearance of the product. DTB crystallizer uses a special stirring paddle, and the temperature and stirring paddle rotation speed can be easily adjusted to achieve system self-control to meet the crystallization requirements of various materials.


Of course, different crystallizers have their own corresponding crystallographic systems, so for the DTB crystallizer, the process control of the crystallization process is more critical than the equipment itself. Under normal circumstances, fine crystal removal of this type of crystallizer is only possible on the basis of a large density difference between the crystal and the mother liquor. Generally, the settling velocity of the fine crystals in the mother liquid is preferably 3 mm/s or more.


When used in industrial applications, DTB crystallizers have diameters ranging from half a meter to ten meters and can be used to produce crystals in the 0.5 to 1.5 mm range. The residence time is typically 3 to 4 hours, and the slurry density can be as high as 25%. Adapt to the crystallization requirements of various materials. In general, it belongs to a typical crystal slurry internal circulation mold.


In contrast, the DTB crystallizer has a distinct advantage, that is special use of a special propeller to achieve efficient internal circulation, and almost no secondary nucleation, and rarely the phenomenon of internal wall crusting. The crystal slurry obtained using this crystallizer has a uniform degree of supersaturation, a good particle size distribution, and high efficiency.


In addition, the DTB crystallizer has a higher operating efficiency, consumes less energy, and withstands continuous production operations. The DTB crystallizer can be cooled and crystallized. It can also be used for vacuum evaporation to cool and crystallize. The crystallizer has low rotation speed, easy regulation, strong applicability, reliable operation and less failure.