Polishing treatment and use of fermenting tank

- Jun 29, 2018-

The surface mirror polishing treatment of the inner tank of the fermenting tank, during the use of the inlet pipe, the view mirror, the manhole, and the inner tank welding are used by the stretch flanging process arc transition, which is smooth and easy to clean without dead angle, so as to ensure the reliability and stability of the production process and meet the standard requirements of "cGMP".

When the fermenting tank is running, when the product has a stirring paddle, it is mainly used in the fermentation process when used, and the bottom is ventilated, mainly for the air and oxygen needed for the growth of the bacteria.

There are control sensors on the top of the tank. The most commonly used pH and DO electrodes are used to monitor the change controller of pH and DO during fermentation, which can be used to display and control the fermentation conditions and so on.

The use of fermentation tank

1.The pH electrode and the dissolved oxygen electrode are corrected.

2.The tank body sterilization of fermenting tank will be effectively used in tank body according to the need, and the small fermentor can put the tank in its large sterilizing pot and sterilize (115, 30 minutes) in a certain extent, and the large fermentation tank (10L and above) can be sterilized by steam. 121 C, 30min).

3.When the fermenting tank is used, when the tank is cooled, it is effectively put on the fermenting table and is well installed; the cooling water is opened, the air pump power is opened, the ventilation pipe is connected to ventilate, the intake knob is adjusted to make the ventilation amount appropriate, the pressure of the tank is kept in 0.05MPa, and the temperature, pH, stirring speed and so on are set up. The slope of the dissolved oxygen electrode was calibrated at a defined speed and ventilation volume, with a value of 100%. When the temperature is stable and all parameters are correct, the pre wadding seeds will be connected to start the fermentation timing and start recording all kinds of parameters.