Polishing treatment and operating elasticity of fermenting tank

- Aug 09, 2018-

In the process of use, the fermenting tank will be effectively designed according to the requirements of its health level. The structure of the whole product is very humanized. In the process of operation, it can be used very conveniently and run smoothly, the noise of the whole product is low, the suitable diameter height ratio is designed to a certain extent, and the mixing device is customized according to the requirement. The effect of energy saving, agitation and fermentation is good.

The surface mirror polishing treatment of the inner tank of the fermenting tank, during the use of the inlet pipe, the view mirror, the manhole, and the inner tank welding are used by the stretch flanging process arc transition, which is smooth and easy to clean without dead angle, so as to ensure the reliability and stability of the production process and meet the standard requirements of "cGMP".

To some extent, the fermenting tank mainly refers to the device used in the fermentation of microbes in industry. In the process of making, the main body is the main cylinder made of stainless steel plate, and its volume is from 1m3 to hundreds of M3. Attention should be paid to structural integrity and rationality in design and processing.

The fermentor can withstand steam sterilization, have a certain operating elasticity, reduce the internal accessories as far as possible (avoid dead angle), material and energy transfer performance, and can be adjusted to facilitate cleaning, reducing pollution, suitable for the production of a variety of products and reducing energy consumption. The fermentation process of dairy products and wine is a sterile and pollution-free process. The fermentation tank uses the aseptic system to avoid and prevent the contamination of the microorganisms in the air, greatly prolonging the shelf life of the products and the purity of the products.