Performance and characteristics of scraper film evaporator and polishing treatment

- Jul 13, 2018-

The scraper film evaporator uses a centrifugal sliding groove rotor when it is operated. Such a device is the latest structure evaporator. In general, the film can be formed under the condition of very small flow. The scraper thin film evaporator can be removed quickly by the movable scraper on the surface of the inner wall of the evaporation section of the cylinder. Compared with the fixed clearance scraper evaporator, the evaporation capacity can be increased by 40-69%.

Properties and characteristics of thin film evaporator

1. The scraper thin film evaporator has high heat transfer system and high evaporation capacity. In the process of operation, the evaporation strength can reach 200kg/m2•hr to a certain extent, and the thermal efficiency is high.

2.The  scraper thin film evaporator has short heating time, about 5 to 10 seconds, working in the vacuum condition, to a certain extent, it is more favorable to the heat sensitive material, so that all kinds of components can be maintained without any decomposition and guarantee the quality of the product.

3. thin film evaporator has a wide range of adaptation to viscosity, and its high and low viscosity can be treated at the time of operation. The viscosity of the material can be as high as 100 thousand CP (CP) during operation.

4.The scraper thin film evaporator can effectively change the direction of the rotation of the scraper grooves to a certain extent, and can directly adjust the time of the material in the evaporator when it is used.

5. the inner wall of the evaporator section of the equipment will be effectively processed through its precision boring and polishing process, and the surface is not easy to produce coking and scaling.

6. The scraper thin film evaporator is very convenient in the process of operation and easy to adjust the product index. Under the closed condition, it is very convenient to operate in the process of operation. It is easy to adjust the product index when it is used. Under the closed condition, it can make continuous production by self control.

The material vaporized gas of the scraper thin film evaporator will be sent from the heating surface to the external condenser when used, and there will be a certain pressure difference during use. Generally, the pressure drop in the evaporator is usually higher.

The scraper type thin film evaporator has large gas crossing space, and the pressure in the evaporator is almost equal to the pressure in the condenser. Therefore, the pressure drop is very small and the vacuum degree is up to 5mmHg.