Pay attention to maintenance, in order to have a better life

- Jan 17, 2018-

Reactor is a reaction equipment, be sure to pay attention to the operation, otherwise it will be damaged due to many reasons, resulting in the production was forced to stop. Reactor operation should pay attention to many aspects.

First of all, we must strictly follow the rules and regulations to operate the reactor.

Second, before operation, should be carefully checked for any abnormalities, in normal operation, shall not open the cover and access terminals on the board, in order to avoid electric shock; no pressure operation is strictly prohibited; with nitrogen pressure test carefully observe the pressure Table changes to reach the pressure test pressure, immediately turn off the nitrogen valve switch; heating speed should not be too fast, the pressure should be slow, especially the stirring speed, only allows slow speed.

Finally, the kettle body heated to a higher temperature, do not touch the kettle body, in order to avoid scalding; experiment should first cool down. Do not cool, to prevent damage caused by excessive temperature and pressure. At the same time to unplug the power in time.

At the same time, the reaction kettle should be taken care of after use, so that the autoclave can have a better life.

The reactor consists of a kettle body, a kettle cover, a jacket, a stirrer, a transmission, a shaft sealing device, a support and the like. Mixing device in the high diameter ratio, the available multi-layer mixing paddle, but also according to the user's optional matching. Outside the kettle set jacket, or set in the heat exchanger surface, but also through the outer loop for heat exchange. Supports have bearing or ear bearings and so on. More than 160 rpm speed should be used above the gear reducer. The number of openings, specifications or other requirements can be designed according to user requirements, production.

1. Usually under atmospheric or low pressure packing seal, the general use of pressure less than 2 kg.

2. The general medium pressure or vacuum will be used mechanical seal, the general pressure is negative pressure or 4 kg.

3. In the case of high pressure or high volatile medium will be used magnetic seal, the general pressure of more than 14 kg. In addition to magnetic seals are used water cooling, other forms of sealing in more than 120 degrees will increase the cooling water jacket.