Oslo cooler crystallizer working principle and application range

- Oct 13, 2018-

The Oslo cooler crystallizer belongs to the mother liquor circulating continuous crystallizer, and the operating liquid is added to the circulation pipe, mixed with the circulating mother liquor in the pipe, and pumped to the heating chamber. The heated solution evaporates in the evaporation chamber and is supersaturated, passing through the central tube into the crystal fluidized bed below the evaporation chamber.


In a crystal fluidized bed, supersaturated solutes in the solution are deposited on the surface of the suspended particles, causing the crystals to grow. The crystal fluidized bed hydraulically classifies the particles, the large particles are below, and the small particles are on the top, and the crystal product having a relatively uniform particle size is discharged from the bottom of the fluidized bed. The fine particles in the fluidized bed flow into the circulation pipe with the mother liquid, and the minute crystals therein are dissolved when reheated.


If the cooling chamber is used instead of the heating chamber of the Oslo cooler crystallizer and the evaporation chamber is removed, the Oslo cooling crystallizer is formed, which is suitable for crystal production with a narrow particle size distribution range, that is, a relatively uniform crystal grain size, and meets the corresponding crystallization requirements.