Operation mechanism and characteristics of vacuum rake dryer

- Jun 09, 2018-

The overall structure design of the vacuum rake dryer is very advanced, and it is generally a horizontal structure. During the drying process, the wet material is vaporized by conduction, with a scraper stirrer to continuously remove the material on the hot surface, and A circulating flow is formed in the container and the water is evaporated and pumped out by a vacuum pump. The structure of the vacuum rake dryer is relatively simple, and at the same time it is also relatively quick to operate.


For the user, the vacuum rake dryer also has a long service life, which can maintain stable and reliable operation for a long time. Under normal circumstances, its steam consumption is small, and it has strong applicability and good product quality. It is especially suitable for the drying of paste-like materials that are not resistant to high temperatures, flammable and easily oxidized under temperature regulation. After a long period of use, many users have endorsed the device, which is considered to be a good drying equipment.


So, what are the performance characteristics of the vacuum rake dryer? In fact, the device is specially designed with a large-area sandwich heating method, which results in a significant increase in its heat transfer area and guarantees a high thermal efficiency. At the same time, it is also equipped with stirring function, which can make the material in the cylinder to form a continuous cycle, further improving the uniformity of the material heating. At the same time, it is also possible to use this equipment for the drying of paste, paste and pasty materials.


At present, the scope of application of vacuum rake dryer mainly includes: 1, medicine, food, chemical and other industries to dry the following materials; 2, for paste, paste, powder materials; 3, requirements Low-temperature dry heat-sensitive materials; 4, easy to oxidize, explosive, strong stimulation, highly toxic materials; 5, requires the recovery of organic solvent materials.


In short, combined with the actual application of the situation to analyze, vacuum rake dryer not only has excellent performance, greatly enhance the user's work efficiency, but also in the actual use of vacuum rake dryer in the process, but also reduce the amount of steam, so as to achieve The effect of energy saving has effectively brought good economic benefits to users.