Operating procedure for stainless steel electric heating reactor

- Oct 18, 2018-

First, the stainless steel electric heating reactor should be on a firm, level surface, and the height of the table should be determined according to the application. There should be some space around the equipment and the workbench, usually above 360 cm for installation and post-repair.


Secondly, during the installation process, the transmission shaft of the stainless steel electric heating reactor should be perpendicular to the ground level, and the non-perpendicularity (inclination) should not exceed 1/1000 of the total height of the equipment. Self-supplied spare parts and safety valves on each process of the equipment itself must be equipped according to the requirements of the reactor.


Third, after the installation is completed, it should be checked and confirmed that the connecting parts and transmission parts of the stainless steel electric heating reactor are firm and reliable. The connecting pipes, nozzles, seals and the whole machine should be tested for airtightness. Drops and leaks. Before starting the machine, apply a proper amount of lubricating oil, open the motor protective cover and turn the fan blade by hand to check if there is any jamming phenomenon. If there is any scratching of the stirring paddle, clean the dirt in the kettle before starting the machine. The empty car runs for 30 minutes without any abnormal noise or vibration before it can be officially put into production.