MVR evaporator pretreatment system and product quality

- Aug 31, 2018-

The stock solution of the MVR evaporator first enters the pretreatment system during the operation to process the majority of the materials that are not conducive to the operation of the evaporation system and then enters the preheating system for preheating. The premixed mixture of the MVR evaporator enters the inlet of the circulating pump of the MVR evaporator forced circulation evaporator. The material passes through the circulation pump, absorbs the heat on the steam side in the heating chamber, and then boils in the crystallizer, boiling evaporation The secondary steam rises and the concentrate stays at the bottom of the separator due to gravity.

The secondary steam generated by the evaporation of the MVR evaporator carries a small amount of droplets. When the operation is performed, the secondary steam rises, enters the demister, and is washed by the countercurrent, and the minute droplets entrained in the secondary steam are washed out and re-entered. Liquid. The secondary steam that has been washed away from the mist enters the steam compressor inlet, the temperature rises, and then enters the steam path of the heater along the secondary steam outlet conduit.

MVR evaporator is the most advanced evaporator technology in the world. Only a small amount of steam is needed in the process of use, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the enterprise and reduces environmental pollution. Since the compressor is used to provide a heat source, the temperature difference is much smaller than that of the conventional evaporator, and gentle evaporation can be achieved, which greatly improves product quality and reduces fouling.