MVR Evaporator

- May 23, 2018-

Temperature control and operation procedure of MVR evaporator In the process of operating the MVR evaporator, to achieve the desired evaporation effect, it is necessary to control its temperature parameters reasonably. The temperature control mainly includes the control of feed temperature and the temperature rise control of the compressor. Under normal circumstances, the feed temperature is low, then the evaporation temperature of the MVR evaporator is low;


Conversely, the feed temperature is high, evaporation temperature is high. At the same time, during the operation of the MVR evaporator, the staff need to adjust the temperature rise of the compressor, including the form of the compressor, according to the specific condition of the material. At present, the temperature rise of the compressor is decided by the type of compressor: Centrifuge 6-10 degrees, roots blower 20-25 degrees. and the choice of the compressor is mainly according to the material situation to determine.


For example, the need for large temperature rise to choose roots fan, the need for high air temperature rise on the selection of centrifugal fan in the evaporation process, temperature too low, by adjusting the feed temperature can improve or reduce the evaporation temperature. Of course, for users, the temperature control of the MVR evaporator should not only take into account the requirements of the process, but also need to rely on experience to operate.


In order to achieve better heat transfer effect, reduce the amount of steam used, the condensation water and feed heat exchange with each other to improve the feed temperature. In the process of evaporation processing, we should first pay attention to the reasonable control of the amount of material entry to ensure that the MVR evaporator can run stably. When the liquid level in the evaporator reaches b%, stop feeding, turn on the circulation pump, open the circulation valve, and establish the circulation.


Then open the steam cut-off valve, the steam into the evaporator shell, starting to heat up the material in the system.


As the production continues, when the MVR evaporator system reaches the set temperature conditions, its internal level began to decline, to be lowered to the liquid level c% open feed pump, slowly open feed control valve, control electric regulating valve to adjust feed, maintain the evaporator level balance in D, within the range of stability system.